Flotex Flooring at Scalford Primary School.

Flotex Flooring at Scalford Primary School.

We recently supplied and installed Flotex flooring, Heckmondwike matting, and Polysafe standard safety flooring at Scalford Primary School in Leicestershire.

A little about the project

Working with the main contractor, we supplied and installed new commercial flooring to a classroom that needed a ‘freshen up’.

The school already had part safety flooring and part Flotex.

The teachers wanted the same flooring throughout the classroom rather than bits of one floor here and there.

The teachers were so impressed with the Flotex carpet already installed, they wanted the whole of the classroom to have Flotex.

The only areas that didn’t have Flotex was a small wet area and the entrance area of the classroom.

The existing Flotex had been down for about 10 years and it still looked great.

The teachers love the fact that the Flotex is so easy to clean and maintain, but still has the comfort of carpet what is important for the young children.

The new Flotex was from the Metro range and was in red colour.

It looked great, I love the fact that the school used red, it was perfect and uplifting for a classroom.

The colour brought a warmth, but was bright and felt very comforting.

Why use Flotex carpet?

Flotex is unique to the flooring market, it is able to combine the appeal of a textile floor covering (carpet) with the practical and hygienic advantages of a resilient floor (vinyl flooring).

It is able to withstand high traffic and extreme wear.

A perfect choice for busy locations in leisure, education, office & retail environments.

Polysafe wood fx to wet area of the classroom

We installed polysafe wood fx to the wet area of the classroom.

This was a total of 4m2 and was a nice feature to the classroom.

The flooring was very practical as the children can use this area to work with water, but, the school have the security of knowing that the children are safe as the polysafe flooring is non slip.

Heckmondwike Matting to the classroom entrance

We recommend that any kind of entrance area of a school has some form of matting installed.

We favor the use of Heckmondwike matting as it is very durable, cost effective and has a good choice of colors.

In this project, and with most of our projects we recommended that the school use the anthracite colour.

The anthracite colour of the matting looked great next to the red flotex.

We curved the matting to add some feature, and the school teachers loved it!

If you require any commercial flooring in Leicestershire, Call the team on 0116 2395847.

We are here to help!

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