Karndean Knight Tile in Leicestershire

Karndean Knight Tile in Leicestershire

Karndean Knight Tile 

Karndean Knight tile will certainly bring the WOW factor to your home or business.

We have just completed the supply and installation of Karndean Knight Tile.

This was in a domestic property in South Leicestershire.

The flooring was installed in a Herringbone (parquet) effect.

‘This project looked amazing’.

Karndean have recently introduced the herringbone planks to the knight tile range.

I predict that it will be a big success for 2019 and the forthcoming future.

This Karndean flooring is reasonably priced, it looks great and it is very hard wearing. A perfect combination.

A little about our latest Karndean project in leicestershire.

Did we have to do any Sub-floor Preparation?

Yes, I used F.Balls 1200 smoothing compound to smooth the sub floor, this was prior to the installation of the Karndean flooring.

Prior to smoothing the sub floor, I used the F.Balls damp membrane to control the moisture in the newly laid concrete screed.

It is vital that a newly laid concrete screed had a moisture test. If there is moisture still present in the screed, it is necessary to use a DPM membrane under the self leveling compound.

This is exactly the procedure that I took on this project.

The DPM membrane will control the moisture coming out of the screed.

If a DPM membrane isn’t used, it is very likely that there will be complications with your floor lifting at a later date.

Installation of Karndean Knight Tile Parquet

Installing a herringbone floor (parquet floor) is probably one of the most technical floors that can be installed.

At DCS Flooring we are 3 very experienced and technical installers, and we thrive on challenges. This job was great, we bounced off one another and our client loved the finished floor.

Our job was to lay the flooring to the hall, guest room and the lounge of a new 5 bedroom house.

We started by installing the border, this was decided to be 210mm (8 inch). Once the borders were completed, we then installed the main flooring inside of the borders.

installing karndean knight tile parquet

Knight Tile in plank 

We installed the Karndean flooring in a plank effect in the games room and bathroom.

As you can see in the picture below, the flooring looked great, and I feel that it complimented the games room perfectly.

Karndean Knight Tile in Leicestershire

How can DCS Commercial Flooring help you or your business?

We offer all types of flooring for your home or business at affordable prices, with minimum fuss and to the highest standards.

For any enquiries of Karndean flooring feel free to call the team on 0116 2395847 for a free quotation or advice.

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