Factory Flooring at Nylacast, Leicester.

Factory Flooring at Nylacast, Leicester.

Factory Flooring at Nylacast, Leicester.

Starting in March 2017, we have been working through the 2 nylacast sites on Thurmaston Boulevard, leicester.
We have supplied and installed rubber flooring, Polysafe safety flooring and carpet tiles.
Our works are set to continue into early 2018.
We have really enjoyed being involved with this project, working for the landlord, we have also built a good relationship with Nylacast.
Factory Flooring - Burmatex Carpet Tiles in the reception

Burmatex Carpet Tiles

Factory Flooring Leicester Polysafe Standar

Polysafe Safety Flooring

Factory Flooring - Rubber

Rubber Flooring

Who are Nylacast?

Nylacast is renowned worldwide for leading brands of cast nylons, Nylacast has specialised in developing this unique polymer for many decades, holding the ability to produce high volume, high quality engineering polymers in a wide range of grades and sizes.

A little about the flooring works at Nylacast

Self levelling / smoothing the subfloors

Before we install any vinyl or rubber flooring we will always smooth the sub floor to ensure that there is a perfect finish to the flooring. The smoothing installation is very important as I will take out and lumps, bumps or dips in the sub floor.

Nothing was different on this project, before we installed all flooring we smoothed the sub floor.

Parts of the 2 building’s had really uneven sub floors and they needed a little more attention. With the use of latex and chipping’s we were are to level the floors to ensure that they were flat and even.

Carpet Tiles

We have supplied and installed approximately 3000m2 of carpet tiles so far at the 2 Nylacast Sites.

We have predominately used Desso Essence stripes, but, in the main reception we used Burmatex Strands as the managing director loved the design.

Below is a instagram post of the reception area that we installed in the Burmatex Strands.

Polysafe Safety Flooring

We have installed approximately 1000m2 to date of Polysafe Safety Flooring on this project.

The Safety Flooring has been a perfect choice for the canteens, toilets and production offices across the 2 factories.

Below is a Instagram post of polysafe standard safety flooring, this was installed in one of the production offices.

Rubber Flooring

We have installed approximately 1500m2 of rubber flooring at Nylacast.

A great choice for the areas chosen which were production areas and offices.

The team really enjoyed installing the rubber, it was slightly challenging and required us to use gas heaters to help soften it up during the installation, but, this all added to the fun.

Below is a picture of one of our fitters Nathan installing the rubber flooring in one of the production offices.

Below is a Facebook post that we added while installing the main reception in Burmatex Strands carpet tiles.

If you require factory flooring in Leicestershire, call the team today for a free quote on 0116 2489431

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